• My Story


    Hi! My name is Cherie Hotchkiss.

    I'm a certified yoga instructor specializing in Adaptive Yoga.


    I was introduced to yoga when I was a pre-teen on Public Television by Lilias Folan. The grace and strength I saw in her body and the peacefulness in her being intrigued me enough to learn and study all I could find about yoga throughout my life.

    I'm 57 years old now. I've been a certified yoga instructor for almost 20 years, teaching all levels and various styles of yoga to people of all ages and abilities.

    I'm also in the 18th year of my fight with MS. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that attacks the body's central nervous system. Symptoms vary widely depending on the amount of damage and the nerves affected during that particular event. There is no cure at this time.

    There have been times when the majority of my body has been completely numb for years, I haven't been able to use one arm or the other or even been able to walk. My yoga practice has helped me through everything I've had to deal with ~ body, mind and spirit.

    At other times I was not able to get out of bed, was in a wheelchair or just didn't have enough energy to get dressed and leave the house. Yoga is still available to you in all these situations and more.

    This is why I've developed 'Your Own Gentle Approach™'.

    I understand that entering a yoga class, especially the first time, can be very intimidating. The language is new, the poses can be awkward or even painful if not done correctly or you push too hard. Illness, injury, weight and age can hold you back from even trying.

    I am called to share the benefits of yoga with you. I have personally experienced the healing and calming benefits of yoga, time and again. I've also witnessed others improve their health, mobility and peace of mind.

    'Your Own Gentle Approach™' will let you experience the benefits of yoga ~ in your comfort zone ~ allowing you to feel better in your body just as it is.

    I wish you well on your journey!