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  • ‘Your Own Gentle Approach™’ authors the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Yoga Webpage!

    March 27, 2016
  • I am honored to announce that I was chosen to write the 'Yoga and MS' webpage for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society national website. It is live on the Internet at NMSS.org.

    I approached presenting the information much as I do with my Body, Mind, Spirit blog. I did extensive research to see what information is already available online, found as many published studies verifying the positive benefits of yoga and meditation to help manage the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (sadly there are not many), offered resources for people to discover the benefits of yoga for themselves and shared my personal and professional knowledge and experience.

    I believe, as well as my neurologists, that I would not be managing as well as I am without my Adaptive Y.O.G.A. practice and meditation.

    March has been National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month.... were you aware of that?!