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  • I love to teach!

    My passion is to teach yoga. I have been a certified yoga instructor for almost 20 years. I have studied, practiced and taught many different styles and levels of yoga. My journey has included a path I didn't expect to take - Multiple Sclerosis. I am extremely grateful that I had an established yoga practice prior to the first step on this new path. I believe, as do my doctors, that I would not be walking and doing so well today if I had not had this yoga practice and continue to practice to this day.

    October 2011 - I experienced a severe exacerbation that left me in bed for 2 months and in a wheelchair the following 6 months. I continued to practice yoga - visualizing myself physically performing the poses while lying flat and actually performing the breathing practice. As I healed and regained use of my body, I was still employed. When I was walking again, I created my first Adaptive Y.O.G.A. Workshop because I still didn't have the energy to teach regular classes, but I wanted to share how yoga helps the body to heal and feel better.

    I am now out on disability. I can still teach... occasionally.

    I am based in Northern Minnesota during the Spring, Summer and Fall. I need to travel to warmer climates through the winter months, so I will be booking Adaptive Y.O.G.A. Workshops nationwide and hopefully world wide soon.

    I will be developing future Adaptive Y.O.G.A. Workshops to build upon the basics, but am offering only the one listed below at this time because I am first answering the question "Where do you start, when you don't know where to start?"

    I wish you well on your journey!

  • Every BODY Has a Story


    The objective of this Adaptive Y.O.G.A. Workshop is to raise your awareness.

    * Awareness of how your body feels in this moment. We will explore our alignment and how slight adjustments can make you feel better now.

    * Awareness of your breath. We will discuss breathing and how important it is to our health - body, mind and spirit. We will learn simple breathing exercises you can use to feel better now.

    * Awareness of movement. We will experience Your Own Gentle Approach by learning extremely basic yoga poses. These poses will be modified to your body as it is in that moment.

    * Awareness of the stories we tell ourselves and others every day. We know the story by heart. We can retell our story and continue to relive it every day - "this hurts", "that never healed right", "I can't". We can even choose to create a sci-fi story and imagine the horrors around the next corner. Or... we can choose to write a new healthy story today and every day!

    * Awareness of having fun!

  • Workshop Details

    'Every BODY has a Story' can be presented to any type of group of people.

    Because of my experience, I have a version specifically customized for MS groups.

  • The Cleveland Clinic, Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Las Vegas, NV ~ April 2015