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  • Think Positive to make our world a better place!

    January 26, 2015
  • When you take a moment to think about the condition of our world, our society, what do you think? How bad everything is? How it will never get straightened out? How it doesn’t matter what you do because it’s so messed up? Well, it does matter. A lot.

    Negativity adds up. But so does Positivity. We all have a choice in everything we think, do and say. One of my favorite quotes is from a book by Richard Bach called Illusions – “Argue for your limitations and they’re yours”.

    We all have the choice to think positive to make our world a better place. People do it all the time. Look at the neighborhood renovation projects, the community gardens, the people who run for local government, the schools that are built around the world, the hungry people that are fed and the doctors who travel to other countries to help the sick. It takes a choice to think of what IS possible. The ‘people’ just created a new playground in Biwabik, MN. Someone had this positive thought. Now when I go to the market, I see kids laughing and playing on the new equipment. It does matter.

    Pay attention to the conversations you have with your friends. Does the dialog tend to be negative? Do you repeat the same old conversations? Try suggesting that you talk about something new and positive instead. Change the conversation! Or simply surround yourself with positive people. Let go of relationships that constantly drain your energy.

    We are a global community now. We need to start thinking like one. Instead of complaining about what isn’t working, imagine what WILL work. Think about that rather than enforcing the negative. Look up positive organizations on the internet, Facebook them so you get daily reminders of the good happening in the world. Odds are there are people with your same interests and passions. Care 2 has over 16 million members out there doing good in the world! Playing for Change is one of my favorites; they are building music schools around the world and uniting people through music.

    You CAN create positive change. We CAN collectively create positive change. It starts with you though. Get involved – even if it’s just saying a prayer of gratitude for the people out there doing it. If we all take on that responsibility can you envision what IS possible?