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  • Think Positive for your mind!

    January 12, 2015
  • Is your glass half full or half empty? Even the most optimistic person faces situations during their life that challenge their ability to think positive. Adverse circumstances, whether a single event or a chain of challenges, can test anyone’s resolve. You may even be able to initially smile and face every thing with ease, but one small comment or seemingly insignificant disappointment can plummet you into despair… hopefully only momentarily though. This is the time when training your mind to focus on positivity can lift you up and get you back on track. It can also change the life of others who tend to always dwell on the negative.

    You can train your mind to consistently choose a positive thought over a negative one. You have this power.
    - You have a choice to dwell on negativity or positivity.
    - You have a choice to allow negativity to affect you.
    - You have a choice to carry around the negativity of others or to release it.

    First, acknowledge any negative thoughts, statements or ideas you have about yourself. Then put them in a beautiful box, tie the box with a bow and send it off to God or the Light to be transformed. This is an active choice. Do you want to carry them around or not?

    If you are having a hard time letting them go, think of one thing you are grateful for in this very moment. Notice the difference in the way a negative thought feels compared to the way you feel when you are grateful, even for the smallest thing. Wouldn’t you rather feel good?

    Every time you shower or even wash your hands think that you are washing away all negativity – yours and other peoples. Once you are clean, imagine yourself in a clean, white egg or maybe surrounded by angels wings. These will not allow negativity back into your space and your thoughts.

    The choice is yours though. Negative ideas about yourself have usually been put in your mind by someone else. Isn’t it time for you to take charge? Own your thoughts. Practice to make them positive and change your mood, your day and your life!

    The glass is half full!