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    April 24, 2015
  • Now that you have (hopefully) practiced mindfulness for your body, mind and spirit, I challenge you to expand that practice to the people in your life. And not just those you know and care about, but those you pass on the street or in your car or hear about on the news.

    Living with an invisible disease, I experience other people’s judgement often. I don’t look sick, so when I park in a handicap parking space and I’m able to walk without an assistive device that day, I often get some very judgmental looks. In some ways, I’m grateful that people care that the spaces are used for the people who really need them. On the other hand, how do they know I don’t? Does a disability have to be seen to be acknowledged?

    I use this example because it is one most everyone can relate to. Try to be mindful of what you think about someone the next time you see them parking in a handicap space. Do you make a judgement whether they need to be there or not? Do you notice them at all?

    There is another opportunity for mindfulness when you drive your car. Notice when someone speeds past you or is driving too slowly for your taste. Become mindful of your reaction.

    Remember, mindfulness is about being aware, not judging yourself. If we can become mindful of ourselves, can we become mindful of others and not judge them either? After all, how can we possibly know every single person’s story on this planet?

    Challenge yourself to practice mindfulness of your opinions of others in our world.

    Wouldn’t it be nice for someone to do the same for you?

    Redefining mindfulness