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  • Laugh for your spirit!

    May 24, 2015
  • Several years ago I attended a workshop over a weekend to help myself heal my body. I was directed to first heal my spirit. As I was intently concentrating on my life, my issues, basically just myself, I kept getting annoyed by a woman across the room with the most loud, obnoxious laugh. After all, I paid for this workshop and I was determined to get every ounce of benefit from it. So, of course, I came back from our lunch break and found myself seated next to the ‘Loud Laughing Woman’. She was even more annoying up close to my ear. After just a short time though, we began a conversation. I found out that she had been employed as an ‘audience plant’ in her younger years due to her ‘unusual’ laugh. As I took my intent focus off myself and allowed it to broaden and include this wonderful woman, I found myself unable to stop laughing when I heard her laugh. Heal your spirit indeed. She was there to heal from terminal cancer. Laughter opens the soul; laughter frees the spirit and makes us realize that despite our sufferings, we are not alone.

    Don’t take yourself so seriously! Lighten up and laugh!

    Laughing babies to lift your spirit!