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  • Gratitude!

    October 6, 2014
  • If the only prayer you say in your entire lifetime is Thank You, that will be enough ~ Meister Eckhart

    Gratitude is more than just saying thank you. It's a sense of appreciation, wonder and thankfulness for life. So many people move through their life without recognizing their good fortune, that each moment is a unique gift. It takes a serious illness or other tragic event to jolt them into appreciating the good things in their lives. Don't wait for something like that to happen to you!

    By making a commitment to practice gratitude daily you’ll discover how truly blessed you are. Each day identify at least one thing that enriches your life. When you find yourself thinking an ungrateful thought, try substituting a grateful one in its place. Let gratitude be your first thought when you wake up in the morning and the last thought before you go off to bed at night.

    Here’s the thing, simple acts of gratitude don’t cost you anything, but they can make a huge difference. To live a life of gratitude, adopt these healthy habits:

         • A morning gratitude session. Take a few minutes each morning to give thanks, to whomever or whatever you’re grateful for. You don’t have to do anything other than close your eyes and silently give thanks.

         • Say thank you. When someone does something nice for you, however small like holding a door, try to remember to say thank you. And really mean it.

         • Give thanks for “negative” things in your life. There’s always two ways to look at everything. It goes back to that glass half full/half empty attitude. Many times we think of something as negative — it’s stressful, harmful, sad, unfortunate or difficult. But that same thing can be looked at in a more positive way. Giving thanks for those things is a great way to remind you that there is good in just about everything. Problems can be seen as opportunities to grow and be creative.

         • Utter blessings and express your appreciation to everything and everyone you encounter. By blessing, we are blessed.

         • Keep a gratitude journal. Keep a journal and pen handy, on your night stand or kitchen counter. Maybe set a number of things to find each day to be grateful for at first. As you make gratitude your attitude, you may find you fill pages easily. This is a great resource for when you face a challenging time to keep from slipping into negative thoughts.

         • Make time to be quiet. You'll find that doing your gratitude work consistently delivers results more quickly and is much more effective if you can do it while you are in a more relaxed state of mind.

    Developing an attitude of sincere and "heartfelt gratitude" for your current blessings unleashes the power for receiving many more.

    Every Day Give Thanks.

    How can I be in a state of gratitude when everything seems to be going wrong? First it's important to recognize the value of accepting responsibility for whatever is going on in your life. Each of our choices brings us to this very moment. Don’t give your power away by blaming ‘them’ or ‘it’. Owning where you are and your participation in it can help you to find the reason(s) to be grateful.

    Why bother with all of this "gratitude" stuff, anyway? What's so important about gratitude? Well, simply put, gratitude is a powerful force for attracting and creating more of what you want in the world and in your own life. We tend to attract the things we focus our attention on. If you are focused on your fear and lack, you’ll attract more of the same. Gratitude shifts your attention to the good thereby attracting more good. It all starts with being grateful for what we already have.

    If we can personally make the shift from negativity to gratitude, then we set ourselves up for a ripple effect. Sharing your attitude of gratitude with your family and friends can change the conversation. We can collectively start looking and focusing on the good in our world so we can create more. If you choose to look for the good in people and situations, you will find that. Physicists call this The Observer Effect - that the very act of observing something with an expected outcome produces that outcome.

    Take the coming month to practice gratitude and observe what happens. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose except your negativity!

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    Thank You for the simple tasks of Gratitude. God Bless You.