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  • Gratitude for your mind!

    October 20, 2014
  • Negative thoughts tend to loom and come at us easily. If you have a pattern/habit of imagining the worst or slip into victim mode easily, “Why does everyone else get/have? Why do bad things always happen to me? Why don’t I ever get a break?” try turning the tables on those thoughts. Find one thing to be grateful for when you hear yourself asking those questions. Even the smallest thing creates enough room to shift you out of negativity. When you are in gratitude you cannot stay in the ego.

    Anxiety and stress are compounded by racing thoughts. Choose to switch them off. Give your mind a break. Try this: each morning as you wake, even before you open your eyes, start praying gratitude. Mine goes something like this – I wiggle my toes, Thank You! I can feel my feet today! I feel my legs, my pelvis, my abdomen and chest rising and falling as I breathe, Thank You! I can feel my body! I wiggle my fingers and slowly open my eyes, Thank You! I can see today! What gifts! And I do a similar ritual as I prepare for sleep. I think of the best thing that happened during the day, no matter how small, I focus on the good.

    I keep a gratitude journal if I am going through a particularly stressful, challenging time in my life. Then when I find it hard to focus on the good, I can read what I’ve been grateful for in the past. It triggers me to find the good.

    Or get up and do the gratitude dance!