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  • Breathe for your body!

    September 8, 2014
  • Close your eyes and observe your next breath. Is it shallow? Deep? Bright? Full? Warm? Sharp? Strained? Easy? Whatever you feel – it’s perfect. It’s what you are experiencing right now. No judgment. Just bringing your awareness to your breath will change it. Close your eyes again and observe your next 10 (ten) breaths. Did they slow down? Speed up? Change temperature? Get deeper? Longer? Now notice where you are breathing in your body – your belly or your chest? Place one hand on each. Which rises first? Which falls first? See if on your next inhale you can soften, relax your belly and let your breath fill it. This allows your diaphragm to release downward so your lungs can expand. You are flooding your body with fresh oxygen. Take a break, several in fact, each day just to breathe. Your body will thank you!